Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recent random thoughts and doings

Its been awhile again...I am not so good at this keeping our blog updated thing. And I am guessing that once October comes I will get a lot worse!!

I have been very busy the last few days working on switching over the kids rooms. We moved the crib and changing table into the play room and moved some of the girlie toys back into Sophies room along with her brand new big girl bed! It is so strange. Sophie and I had to run to Target to pick up sheets for the bed while Kevin was setting it up. When we got back it was all set up and he also had moved the glider up to our room for when Liam is sleeping up there in the bassinet. For some reason I hadn't thought about moving that out yet and silly as it is, I cried! Her room looked so different and it seems like just a second ago that I sat in her beautiful bee room organizing and reorganizing her little things. I can envision myself holding her tiny little body and rocking her to sleep night after night. And now, two years later- its all changed!

I know its a good change, and she LOVES her new room, but its just all moved so fast! I am trying to remind myself that I will be rocking in that chair again very soon with a tiny little man!

Next Tuesday marks her 2nd birthday! We are having a small family gathering on Saturday where we will have a little cake and maybe bonfire. The weather is suppose to only be up to 65 that day. BEAUTIFUL! I love fall. Kevin and I had a lovely bonfire just the two of us last Saturday night. We were so relaxed and the weather was crisp and perfect. We envisioned our backyard lined with lights strung, so hopefully we will get some lights and string them up before Saturday.

Sophie was a flower girl in my brother in laws wedding this past weekend and did so well! She made it down the aisle wonderfully and had did great staying mostly quiet during the ceremony. After Kevin got done playing the guitar she yelled out "GOOD JOB DADDY!" It was pretty cute. She also found great joy in yelling "AMEN!" at the end of EVERY prayer prayed during the wedding.

Poor baby is sick today. She has a cold and a slight fever. Its really a bummer because she was sick for her first birthday as well and I am praying this all goes away by Saturday. Well, at least it gives us more snuggle time right?

I've really been enjoying Chris Tomlins new song "God of the City". Our church is moving to St. Paul sometime this next month and it makes me even more excited to be out there serving the community and spreading the gospel. I've been really enjoying our church home at Beacon and feel very blessed by our pastor and his wife. Also looking forward to the MOMS group starting at Bethlehem soon. I hope to make it to many more this year.