Friday, October 14, 2011

The wedding

Sophia was in our friends wedding this past weekend. It was her fourth appearance as a flower girl so is well seasoned. :-) We joke about renting her out with our photography services.

We were doing the photos at this wedding so I was a little nervous how that would all work, helping her and managing to take pictures in a wedding where the time line was super crunched. I was so pleased with how the day went though. The wedding was for our pastors Son and he married a beautiful young lady from our church. So basically our whole church family was there. Sophia sat with a family we love, the Delahunts. I packed a little purse full of snacks, a pen and a piece of paper in case she became restless during the service. She did wonderful and they didn't have to bring out the purse at all! She hung out with her Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Metraus during the Appetizer hour while we took the pictures. (The Bride and Groom didn't see each other until she walked down the aisle, so most pictures had to be taken between the ceremony and dinner)

Here are a few pictures from the day so far, will add more later, we have too many other projects to finish up this week before we can dive into the 2,000 we snapped that day. :-)

Liam is 2!

Our handsome little Liam turned two yesterday. TWO!! Can you believe it? I sure can't.

This boy is messy. He only know two volumes- whispering or SHOUTING! He is messier than I could have ever imagined and minutes after a bath he is already stinky. He laughs when he toots and has been known to give Wonder Woman a dip in the toilet. He is desperate to be like his big sister and will do anything she does. When given a Cars birthday balloon he told me to "Pop it Mama. I dont yike it. Take it, TAKE IT Mama! I want kitty bawoon!" Sophie had a Hello kitty themed birthday this year and he just wanted to be like her. (He has warmed up to his cars balloon- good thing since my parents brought him one too!)

He is also tender hearted, he trys hard to please us and will run to confess his sins immediately. When corrected he immediately melts, sinks into us and asks for forgiveness. I pray that his heart will stay soft every day. Every night at bedtime he yells for "BIG HUGS!" he just about takes your neck off and will whisper awwwww in your ear as he hugs you. It is so sweet. He teaches me patience. He understands jokes and loves to tell them.

Happy Birthday Liam, we love you!!