Friday, February 6, 2009

Got my baby back!

New of the week:
As of yesterday- Sophia is finally better! It had been nearly three weeks that she was sick and it killed us to see her so miserable. It had gone from the flu to a terrible cold and she wasn't hardly sleeping at all. I was at my wits end and thinking she would never go back to our happy healthy girl. All of this was coupled with the fact that we had no health coverage since Kevin had been laid off. That was incredibly hard. I almost felt neglectful not taking her in. We were fairly certain that it was just a terrible cold but on Monday or Tuesday I began doubting that and wondering if she had strep or an ear infection. Well she is finally back to our happy girl and it makes me so glad! I missed her!

She has since become our curious George. Tricks of the day included climbing from her little potty (new in the bathroom) onto the big potty, into the sink....etc. Also climbing in the dishwasher and up to the counter. She also learned how to open the toilet seat and we heard a little voice saying, "Splish, splash!" YUCK! Babies R'US here we come for a toilet seat lock. I just think of Amy Pohler in Baby Mama when she can't get it open and pees in the sink. Bad news. :-)

In other amazing news- Kevin was hired by Allina! Better yet, they don't want him to start until March 2 so he can finish full time at Desiring God this month. God's timing amazes me.

Also, for my work we are doing a Biggest Loser contest. I am the only one not paying but simply tracking my numbers with the rest of them (the accountability of everyone seeing my weight does it for me:-) ) This week I lost the most at 4 lbs! It was week one. I am hoping to have a repeat performance. The contest goes for 4 and a half months and my goal is to lose 35-40 lbs. That would be fabulous!

Well, those are my random thoughts of the day, hope you have a great weekend!

Oh and I think I am going to start something called Featured Friend Friday so today I want to feature my wonderful friend Marie. She is an amazing woman of God. She has always been a fabulous listener and is so fun to be around. She holds me accountable which is great since that is something thats not easy to do with friends. We pray together, have some sweet coffee dates after the babies are asleep and she loves my kid! She is constantly encouraging and giving. Oh, and I think she is funny! :-) That is why I love Marie!

Friday featured family: My Aunt Jammie and Uncle Louie. My Aunt Jammie has always been like a second Mom to me. We look more alike than my Mom and I. They were gracious and let me live with them for a while a few years ago. They love my daughter lots and lots. One of my favorite stories about Louie is that my Aunt Jammie told him that we were having a girl and he got upset saying that he wanted to be surprised. I thought that was funny because I wouldn't have thought Louie would have had such a strong opinion about that. When I went back to work at first this summer Sophia stayed with Jammie on Mondays. It was rough at first but Jammie fought through the tears and by the third week Sophie had a blast playing at Aunties house. This past week my Uncle brought a bag of meat home for us and had my Aunt put it in our car. It was such a blessing for us as money has been tight with the layoff. I love them and appreciate them so much!

I'm sure your name will be on my Friday Featured friend or Friday featured family soon since pretty much everyone reading this is a blessing to us!


  1. I am so glad she is feeling better! That is a really long time to be sick.

  2. YAY! There are so many things for you to be thankful for right now! I'm especially glad that she's feeling better and he got a job! AND YAY for loosing four pounds! Thats always exciting! :)

  3. I already knew all this, but it's still fun to read.

    I am honored *Sniffle* to be the featured friday friend *sniffle sniffle sniffle!*

    Coffee date. NOW. I can't take this anymore!!!!! :)

  4. What an honor for me to be our your list. Marie and I are having a big sniffle together.
    Of course Kelsey you know I love you as if your were my daughter, that has always been a given. We love the 3 of you as much as we love our little family and grandchildren. The more the merrier, that is how I see it.