Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our fall and winter pictures!

Please be patient with me as we learn how to use the blog site, it took me quite a while to find how to add pictures! Some of these are a little old because sadly our professional Canon camera broke last month. We were really bummed but the good news is that we just sold the body and some equipment for almost as much as we bought the full camera for! Praise God because now we are buying a less expensive but still nice camera and have a little leftover to do some Christmas shopping that we hadn't planned on. God is so sovereign and his plan is great, its hard to know and take comfort in this sometimes when the road is bumpy and so many challenges are arising but thats what we are called to do!


  1. The canon BROKE? I didn't know that, I thought you were just selling it to get another camera.

    It is awesome/funny how God always works everything out, even if it's not always the way we planned it :)

  2. Yeah somehow it fell off the dresser, in its case and the lens broke. It was a sad, sad day!