Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prayers Coveted

Yesterday I started bleeding and cramping so I was sent to the urgent care then to the ER. The ultrasound looked good in that the baby was measuring right and had a heartbeat of 144. I had a ovary pregnancy cyst (apparently this is good) and my HCG level was at 3,500 so right on. However, they noticed the sac was tearing away from the wall. So they said there is a 50/50 % chance that the baby will reattach or completely tear away (thus becoming a miscarriage) They want me to be on bedrest just till I go to the doctor again tomorrow where they will retest my HCG level and see if it went up or down.

Scary and nerve wracking. With Ana Sophia I sailed through pregnancy effortlessly. But I am thankful for a sovereign God who is the only one who can change and impact this situation. I am taking comfort in knowing this child is in his hands.

My Grandparents are amazing and took Sophia today as I found that being on bedrest with a toddler is pretty close to impossible. I have some awesome family and friends. We are so blessed.

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  1. Wow,we will be praying for you all! I am encouraged by your trust in the Lord, even during the hard times. We will be praying for this little baby's life in your womb and outside of it. He is our comfort, peace and strength! I am so excited we can start this whole blogging journey together.....are you loving it yet? I sure am! WE NEED TO GET TOGETHER SOON! :) MUCH LOVE!!