Friday, January 23, 2009


Yesterday our whole house came down with the flu. I already had a terrible cold so it was double misery for me. And poor little Sophie. We were both covered in vomit head to toe several times since she can't warn us when she will get sick. A little moaning sick baby is one of the saddest things ever- especially when you and your husband are miserably sick too. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

The big bummer for us though, was that we missed the rally at the capital yesterday for Life. It was the anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade so many gathered in peaceful rally at the capital.

One of the biggest criticisms I heard when I am talking about Life issues with Pro-choicers is that "we" pro-lifers do nothing besides rally against them. That we don't do anything for pregnant Women out there who need help. This argument always really bothers me because many of us are out there doing what we can for mothers who need the help and need options, support and encouragement about choosing Life. Here is just one tiny way you can help if you are interested.


  1. Oh yuck. That sounds like a terrible day. I hope you are all feeling better. G had the flu last spring and it was so sad. Then Andy and I both got it 2 days later. That was rough because G was wound up and ready to go and we were both feeling miserable. I hope it all passed quickly and you are doing better today!

  2. Oh, Kelsey, We all had a similar flu experience last year and it was terrible! We still have stains on Addie carpet- ick! I am praying we don't get it this year! I hope things are going "well" with you working more hours. We are praying for you guys!