Friday, January 16, 2009

Our pastor about the Economic downturn

As most of you know Kevin was laid off from his job a week ago Wednesday. Are we wondering about how the ends will meet? Of course. But we have been clinging to Matthew chapter 6 since we found out. We are reminded that there has NEVER been a time when we have not been provided for. Ever. Wow. Our pastor recently posted this video on his blog and it spoke to our hearts. I know lots of people out there are experiencing a job loss or pay downgrade etc, so be encouraged!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Kelsey! I was sitting here watching this nodding my head the whole time. I really enjoy what I have read and heard from John Piper. His statement that "it's not obvious that an economic downturn is bad for our souls" is so true, and one that the church in this country needs to remember. This IS a golden opportunity for us to live every moment and every day seeking Him. Economic blessing can be a little hard on the soul, at times, I think. I pray for renewal and revival in this country in these times. I am so glad I have never seen you grumbling about your circumstances, but praising God and trusting Him!