Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My sister

In January my lovely sister moved to Australia. She is going to C3 College in Sydney and also staying on weekends and breaks at Aunt and Uncles place in Newcastle. (Actually they are my Moms cousins but we've always called them Aunt and Uncle)

She has had her challenges while there but it has been such a joy to watch her grow spiritually while there. Hearing her talk about her passion for Christ and about the things she is learning through scripture has been awesome. We love to Skype with her, Liam plays peek a boo and all sorts of games over the phone. :-) Technology sure makes life easier far and away.

We all dream of winning the lottery to go visit her but I guess we would have to buy a ticket to even have a chance. Ha, not going to happen. It would be amazing and she will likely be there for a few years. I hope my parents are able to take a trip to visit, that would be so nice for them, her and Becky and Kev.

We are so proud of you Ash! Praying for you daily.

(Photos from a shoot we did before she left of her and her friends)

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