Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet & Sassy Sophies Summer

Sophia is almost 5! She is excitedly planning her birthday party and loving every minute of summer.She loves having our daycare kids here and is such a "little Mama" to each of them. We started reading chapter books together every night and she loves it! I wasn't sure if she would take to reading with pictures but we flew through "The Little Princess" and are currently halfway through "Mary Poppins" She laughs at the right times, has awesome prediction and imagination skills and begs me for one more chapter. She can't wait until she can read herself. We will start school soon and thats what she is anticipating most.

Sophia loves her brother and yearns for "alone time" from him sometimes too. They really are best friends. Her other best friend AJ moved to Texas this Spring and she is still heartbroken from that.

She is my thoughtful gal, she is loving figuring out real life application for verses she has learned. She sometimes fights learning them (though so good at it) but when the real life situation occurs, she often will bring up verses while out and about and think on practical application. It is a joy to my heart. She also has been sitting through our big church services now that shes 4. I was really worried how it would go as our services are really quite long (hour and a half) but it went way better than I could have expected. We have our days of course, that she goes to the bathroom more than Id like or whispers for snacks or pens, but overall I really enjoy having her in there. We have challenged her to draw things she hears the pastor say and its fun to see what she really understands. Or occasionally she will get really excited if she hears Pastor Lonetti talking about something they've learned about in Sunday School or that we have read at home.

Heres some photos from summer (a few from spring, most cell phone photos)


 Sophia loves playing with our bat and ball and is actually really good at it! I think she will be a great t-ball player.
The broom experiement this Spring

                                           A day at the zoo with Dad
                                           After the color run 5k at the state fair grounds
                                                         My little cowgirl
                                                             curly sue
                                                       @ the Little Falls Zoo
                                        Part of Kevins secret photoshoot Mothers day card project

                                                         Teddy bear Park in Stillwater
                                                     on the inflatable in Hayward
                                                    She loves writing her name
                                              At the South St. Paul Parade
                                                          More from Teddy bear park
                               A sweet shot from my Great Aunt and Uncles 65 wedding anniversary party
                                              "Look dad, its like Im purpalicious!"
                                               She loves the Slip n Slide at my parents house!
                                                The kids at before the color run
                                                 Cooling off, its been a ridiculously hot summer

                                                Sprinkler Action

                                                               VBS year two! She loved it!
                                                         Watering plants at the Cabin
We have dog sat a ton this summer and she loves brutis (he actually loves her too)

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