Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our first week of school

Before we began our very first Unit there was an introductory unit about Creation. We had a great time doing this together. It took a few days before I realized she was hungry for more so we added a bit more variety into the curriculum to keep her from being bored. Overall we really enjoy the curriculum so far and just started unit 2.

 Snack on the day that we discussed seperating day from night.
 We played a game where she had to cover letters or letter sounds that I called out. She really likes the tactile letter activities each week.
 We made a creation book. 7 pages altogether and she used different mediums each time.
 Each day we go through a calander book with and we count how many days until 100 by using straws. She has a 10's cup and a 1's cup. She was very excited to bundle our first group of 10 last week.
 We made posters of "Man Made" and "God made" and she had to cut and glue them where she thought they went.
 Another tactile letter activity. This one is her very favorite and my least favorite (its always messy)
 Liam sat in to make creation pages a few times that week.
He really did better than I was expecting! :-)

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