Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paleo Breakfast Ideas

A lot of people have been asking me what we eat for breakfast besides eggs or to make eggs not get boring. And while we do eat a LOT of eggs now, we eat much more than that too. Here are some ideas we have tried or plan to try.

We mostly eat some sort of breakfast meat, eggs and veggies. The muffins, pancakes, and sweet potatoes are just occasional treats (while allowed on the diet, arent recommended to loose weight quickest)

-Asparagus roasted with poached eggs and a small bit of shaved parm on top (we splurged on cheese that day)

-Beets- I roasted them cut in half and then through them in a pan after an hour of roasting with garlic, grass fed butter and salt. Sliced them up and they were very tasty. Sophie thought it was great that her bodily functions turned bright pink after eating them. :-)

-Avocado Chicken salad- I mixed pulled chicken (leftovers) with an avocado and coconut oil. I added salt, pecans and grapes and it was so tasty!

-Scrambled eggs with homemade bbq sauce and avocados on top (I used the Beasty Bbq recipe)

-Egg bakes- mix with any variety of seasonal veggies. Add some coconut milk if you are someone who used to add cream of soups in their egg bakes. Add a layer of sweet potato hash browns on the bottom if you used to use bread or white potatoes.

-Raspberry Muffins using coconut flour (I used this recipe)

-Sauteed spinach and fried eggs

-Mushroom caps filled with eggs

-Poached eggs with broccoli on the side

-Sweet potato pancakes- I simply shredded my sweet potatoes and added eggs before putting them into the pan

-Sweet potato skillet- diced sweet potatoes fried with onions, cinnamon, butter and salt with poached or fried eggs on top

-Sweet potato hash browns with a side of veggies or egg

-Baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon and butter on top

-Bacon (good quality uncured stuff) with any of the above

-Ham leftovers with a veggie side

-Good quality sausage made into patties topped with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce (first time making this, the key was making sure water in double broiler wasn't too hot and I super slowly added the butter)

-Pumpkin spiced donuts

-Strawberries covered in Dark Chocolate

-Caramel Apple Pancakes

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