Thursday, September 13, 2012


We went to the state fair this year with some good friends of ours that we hadn't seen in a long time. When we met them at the Crepe stand I couldnt believe how much weight our friend had lost. Throughout the day I asked questions about how he had lost the weight. Turns out he has been on a paleo diet. This started the wheels turning in my head.

I went home and started researching more about paleo. I was very happy to read that it really helped people who struggle with inflammation and join pain, just like Kevin. I also was thrilled to read that it was suppose to be very helpful for people who have hashimotos thryoiditis, like myself. I figured, what do we have to loose?

So 17 days ago we started our journey on the paleo diet. It has been really hard but also incredibly benificial for us. Kevins joints hardly ache at all, I suspect he was close to being diagnosed with RA. He is losing so much inches (expecially throughout his mid section) and is having tons of energy. The only downfall for him so far is that because paleo has improved our sleep so much and because he no longer drinks coke or any sugar filled drinks, he has a hard time staying awake for his late night editing sessions.

I personally lost 12 pounds the first week on this diet. That tells you how poorly I had been eating. My body went through a major detoxification. Right away my skin broke out from the toxins escaping. Now my skin is incredibly clear. I am feeling great, I have lots of energy, wake up easily, and my depression that set in with the hashimotos is clearing. Also, I didn't realize how foggy my brain was, a side effect I hadnt been anticipating is that I now have much better focus and mental clarity. Also, I am a huge sufferer of seasonal allergies. From June 1st-the fall freeze I faithfully must take zyrtec or I will die. This summer has been particularly bad and my eyes have actually swollen shut. I am beyond exstatic to report that since I have started eating paleo (and introduced raw local honey from a farm in stillwater) I've only had to take one pill in 17 days!

There are so many benifits from eating this way. It is also very reassuring knowing exactly what I am putting into our bodies and its fun experimenting with new food. It has overtaken my current thought process because it is very time consuming to make meals for us now. I feel like I spend a huge majority of my time cooking or planning food or sourcing food. It is a rather expensive way to eat so I am trying to make the best meals and make it stretch and last. It does help that we eat out less now and that we are buying less processed junk so the budget does even out a bit there. I encourage anyone to try this diet, even if its just for a few weeks or a month. See how you feel, I promise you will not regret it.

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