Friday, February 11, 2011

Bedtime routines

What helps your little's go to bed? For us it has ALWAYS been consistency and schedules. We used to do baths EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. And for our oldest that worked wonderfully. Its a bit much for our two dry kiddos nowadays. But we still do basically the same thing. Dinner, bath or jammies, Quiet play in their room, bible story/book time, (sometimes guitars worship time with daddy) prayer and bed. We read "Jesus Loves you Most of All" by Noel Piper a lot when Sophia was little and so she still yells "But Jesus loves us most of all!!!" most nights when I am walking out saying "Mommy loves you, and daddy loves you..."

We changed their room around this week and put her bed near the window. I really like it and window crayons which allow her to look at her favorite bedtime verse nightly. It says "I lay down and sleep in peace, Lord, only you keep me safe."

I love to hear the sweet sayings, verses, or routines friends have with their kiddos. So, whats yours?


  1. I really love the bath routine every night. I only use soap every third night or so and right now we start it at 9:00 with him getting to sleep between 9:45-10 after a large bottle. He'll usually sleep till 8:30 in the morning. Once he's a little older we'll incorporate reading and prayer time but it's kind of hard now with him taking a bottle right before sleeping. He'll also hopefully go down sooner then 10 but I'm not sure when to start it. I love the bible stories that Marie gave me and am glad to hear more Jesus stories that I can get :) thanks for posting your fav book! I love routines!

  2. We get em in jammies then we read a story with daddy. The past few weeks we have done a page in Where's Waldo to help wind em down. Then we all get kisses and go to bed. =)