Friday, February 4, 2011

Exodus 20:15

We started working on our 'T' unit this week. Our verse was exodus 20:15 "Thou shall not steal" and we also talked about tigers, trains, and turtles.

We started by painting the trains that we received in our gift bags from our friend Maiya's birthday party! Sophia started asking the minute we got home from the party to paint them and its been a long two weeks until we actually did! I knew the T unit was coming up and so we held off for a few weeks. Anticipation for school stuff is good! :-) So of course this was the first thing on our agenda the minute I mentioned it was 'T' week!

She really enjoyed learning about the verse and learning what not stealing really meant. In our "ABC Bible Verse" Book we read about a little girl stealing flowers from a neighbor. Soph was convinced that she had NEVER stolen anything in her life. We had to really go into depth about what stealing was. She has since given a few toys back to her brother with wide eyes saying "I just stole this Mommy!" Its pretty neat to watch when your kids start really hiding Gods' word in their hearts and applying it to their daily life.

I found the pack of heart erasers at Target dollar spot and they have come in handy from counting turtles to sorting by size/shape/color.

Her scissor work is improving when cutting her verse out but it is still a source of frustration for her. Need to include more activities to help her improve and gain confidence in this area. Any suggestions on activities that will help?

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