Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haven't been posting as many pictures of school on the blog because I haven't been taking any. I realized I was often slowing up the process or stopping her creativity to say "say cheeeeese" "show Mommy your paper!!"

I will still have ideas, finished products and some pictures but much less than I was posting.

We are on the H unit for one more day. Our verse is Exodus 20:12 "Honor Your Father
and Mother." The other day she proudly recited it for me as "Abhor your Fadder and Mudder." Lol, I laughed pretty hard. Then I had to explain the big difference between Honor and Abhor.

We made an 'H' house and a little 'h' horse (Yes, we realize most houses are not pink and orange and most horses are not green and yellow, but it was the sturdiest paper we had! :-P) We practiced cutting our verse, talking about how to honor your father and mother, practiced writing h's and had fun hopping.

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