Friday, February 11, 2011

Its almost Valentines Day!

Its been a pretty laid back week over here. We have played our hearts out, gone to the Library, worked on Valentines day crafts, reorganized the kids room, and reviewed letters and verses. I caught the kids reading together in Sophie's bed several times and it was way too cute to pass up a picture(I know, I know, I never pass up any picture opportunities....)

We also made some fake snow for the kiddos to play in by cutting open a diaper and then pulling out all the stuffing. I asked Soph how much water she thought the snow would hold and after her original answer of "Ummmm a lot??" She guesstimated 4 cups. It held a bit more than that ( I didn't really know when to count that it had stopped soaking in. :-)) Idea for the diaper snow and heart valentines found here.

We had a bit of a "If you give a cat a cupcake" theme since Sophie has been really into the "If you" books and I found these cute printables for some additional fun. We made some grape scented playdoh and used it to make "cupcakes" in some cute spring looking cupcake liners we had and put candles in them. All of us had birthdays this week!

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