Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Chocolate Chip Cookie bars known to Man

No, seriously. They are the best chocolate chip cookie bars ever.And Im not just talking gluten free. In a very gluten filled world, these would take a prize! I got the recipe from another blogger and she has both the vegan and gluten free recipes on there. I used the gluten free version and turned them into bars. I'm the only one who has tried them so far but I'm sure my family will chow them down once they are up from nap and home from work. (If I don't before that)

If you and your family eat a gluten free diet, you know that baked goods are hard to come by. They are mostly dry, metallic tasting, gritty and gross! Give these a try, I'm guessing you have missed a good cookie!


(Oh and the only thing I omitted was the cocoa powder- I just forgot it! :-))

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