Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have always been one who thinks some dogs are cute, but not really wanting one in my home. I am very picky about what I think is cute. Kevin and I have pretty different taste in dogs as well.

I knew Kev and the kids both were really wanting a dog. Then I got my hairs cut on Friday from a friend. I knew she had bought a dog this summer and asked how it was going. Not so well, she said. The dog is 6 months old and she lives in a little apartment. She also works long hours and was feeling bad that she wasn't home often enough for him. She asked if we knew anyone interested in finding Bear a good home. He is a Pomeranian and chihuahua mix. Kevin LOVES Pomeranian. So I called him. Sunday we went to meet Bear and ended up driving home with him.

He is a great fit for our family. Almost NEVER barks (I've heard him bark 2 times in the few days he has been here) He is playful and crazy and snuggly and sweet all at once. He sleeps well in his own bed in his own room without crying (he had been crying for her lots, so he ended up sleeping with her) He is getting better about pottying outside.

He is kind to the kids and they really like him!

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  1. He is beautiful. Natalie's been asking Santa for a puppy! lol.