Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Texture play

We did a few different texture play activities today. First we emptied a noodle box (see I spy post to see what we did with the box then) and we put the noodles into a bowl. I gave both of the kids different sized measuring spoons and we practiced moving them from one bowl to the other, feeling and sorting by color (we used tri-colored noodles)

Then, thanks to the recommendation of my friend Marieke from church, we took out a cookie sheet and filled it with flour. I let Sophia practice writing her letters into the flour. We only worked on 5-10 but that was plenty for today. She had fun but started getting a little frustrated by the end of the newer letters and went back to "just doing O, Mommy" Liam kept trying to get his grubby little fingers in too, so I gave him a paintbrush and let him swoosh some flour around the table with that. It was messy but we have some mats under the kids table so that helped for cleanup.

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  1. Your blog may just become my idea ground for things to do with my kiddos. Thank you for sharing!