Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TP Octupus'

This was a quick and easy craft we saw on the notimeforflashcards.com site. We cut a tp tube in half. Covered it in construction paper and cut the legs. Then we added googly eyes and a smile. Sophia did the gluing and the cutting (great fine motor!) We talked about tentacles and where octupus' live.


  1. So, just the top half is the tube? What a fun idea! Do you have the kid scissors for Sophia? I might just have to make up a craft kit.

  2. We used both halves!

    I have a small pair, but they are not "saftey" scissors...I don't think! :-)

    We have a kit only because I had it for my ECFE students and brought it home. I kept stocking it up with Michaels crafty stuff. I just stopped by for some refills on pompoms, beads, and other unnecessary things! :-)