Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our classroom

We have found some great uses for egg cartons and old baby food jars! Now we are on the hunt for more jars of different sizes to help us organize and work on fine motor and sorting skills! Have any great ideas, share them here

Egg carton activities have included sorting by color, shape, or size. Also math/number work of getting the correct number of "things" into the right hole.

Baby jars/mason jars are currently holding:: button assortment, googly eyes, cord, colored Popsicle sticks, glitter starts and sparkles, feathers, and pom poms.

Different activities pictured below: 'A' apple art, cut an apple in half and paint with it! Wreath making- tearing paper is fun and great for fine motor skills. Number match game somehow makes numbers fun and accessible for Sophie, I want to get them laminated and have a few sets for when friends come over and can make it a game. Rhyming worksheet was easier for her than I anticipated. Circling shapes by sizes was enjoyable but too quick. The leaves on the ceiling was our project in the month of November, we each wrote things we were thankful for daily on the leaves and then attached them to the ceiling until Thanksgiving came. I am thinking of either stringing them together to keep or putting them into a small memory book.


  1. Sohpie's hair cut is so darn adorable! WAY TO GO KELSEY! You're way ahead of the game than me!!! How do you get your creative "pre-school" ideas to work on? Where did you get that work book pages? I am so slacking in this and I know Addie is ready for it! I can see her growing antsy with entertaining herself all day. We really desire to home school her but my only fear is my laziness! Sad. Anyways....we really just need to have a playdate! Are there any days of the week that work best for you? Let me know and we'll try to make something work in the midst of our unknown December schedule.

  2. Amanda! I spend way too much time googling "preschool activities" or "preschool home-school" or the message board on My Fathers World (the curriculum I *think* we are going to use starting next fall) or just "preschool printables" and I have stacks and stacks!

    A rare few I come up with myself from working in the school system and ECFE classrooms.

    We just started in the beginning of November with all of this because I noticed Sophia was starting to act out big time. This has SO lessened her behaviors and we have a lot of fun together.

    Now that she doesn't do preschool we are really open and flexible. The only weekday in Dec that doesn't work for us is Wednesday Dec 15th. We can come your way or you guys are more than welcome here.