Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Letters Index

Two of the things we are working on is scissor use and letter recognition so I started a box of index cards for this purpose. We pick our letter of the day and I have Sophia look through a magazine with me and we try to find the letters themselves or things that start with said letters. Today was our first day and so, of course, we started with A! It was pretty easy for her to find the A's (first letter of her first name so we work on it lots!) but she needed some encouragement with finding things that start with that letter. I give options like "Do you thing that girls Nose starts with A? Lets sound it out, how bout' her arms?" She could usually pick out which matched the correct sound. I let her cut and use a glue stick to stick them on. Can't decide if I want to move onto B tomorrow or do another A card, we will see if she can remember why we put the pictures on and the sound A makes tomorrow and go from there! :-)

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  1. What a fun idea. =) I might just borrow it for my house!