Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blonde Moments

Its cold today. Really cold. Like -4 wind chill.

Wind chill. Just learned thats what it was called last year, at the age of 27. Thats right, for 27 years I thought it was called Wind Shield. Yup. Wow.

Still call it that in my head....:-)


  1. LOL! You are as bad as me. You did read my status the other morning. I went to check on the baby, forgot to OPEN THE DOOR and ran right into it. Talk about blonde moment. My husband was like "are you okay?" and I had to admit that I was fine and had just forgotten to open the door!

  2. I still giggle about that :-) Because I'm pretty sure you didn't believe me when I told you. Hehe! Looking forward to seeing you SO soon!!!!!! :-)

  3. DUDE! I totally thought it was Wind Shield for most of my life too! I think I made it to 19 or something. lol. We're totally twins.