Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Things I am happy about::

-A trip to IKEA today, its been a while, and though I can't spend much, its a fun place to go with the kids. (not to mention some awesome friends are meeting us there)

-A baby shower for a fabulous friend tomorrow night. Need to pick up one more game prize today at IKEA.

-Our Gather around the table group on Saturday. It will be a nice time of fellowship and getting to know some new people and our pastors better.

-Womens Fellowship tonight! Seriously, one of my favorite nights of the month. I learn so much from these women. We are reading "12 extraordinary Women of the Bible" by John MacArthur. Its been a great book and this week we are discussing Mary.

Things I am praying about::

-Our friend Alex had a stroke on Saturday night. He is 26. He is ok but it will be a long road of recovery for him. His caringbridge is here::

-My cousin is on bedrest. She is 26 weeks along and her placenta is sitting right on top of her cervix. This could mean early labor and that would NOT be good. Praying that her placenta moves before her next u/s and that they would figure out how to do bedrest with a busy 14 month old at home.

-For wisdom, patience, and organization for myself. In the area of parenting and homemaking.

-That my family (Kev and kids) would once and for all get rid of this cold and be back to their happy selves!

Thing I am working on::

-my organizational binder. I started a binder this past weekend. It has a schedule for me, my goals for the kids this winter/spring, our weekly goals and schedule and every printable I would need for that week. I am planning on doing two weeks at a time. Right now I have this weeks L unit and next weeks T unit. I plan on printing things only on the weekends now. Every other weekend I will sit down and print, plan and reevaluate how everything is working.

-A big compiled list of all the meals I make. This will make it easier for me to pick from when I do menu planning.

-A year bible study online. Check out

-"A word filled Family" by Dr. John Barnett.

- Losing weight. A knowledgeable friend agreed to be my "Jillian" and keep me accountable and whip me into shape. Upcoming goals are 10 year hs reunion and my 5 year anniversary.

Things I am keeping my out for::

- A new couch/ love seat/ chaise

- A white board

- ABC cookie cutters


  1. you should save your binder and make it into a book. Seriously. You're doing an amazing job with all your homeschooling and planning. You could write your own curriculum book. Fact. :)

  2. Hi! You should check out the white board paint. I saw it at Home Depot. It is a little spendy but you could turn a wall into a white board. Paint magnetic paint under it and you have a magnetic white board wall : ) Probably would run you $40 for both.

  3. I'm glad you write these :-) Makes me feel a little less far away!