Monday, March 7, 2011

1,000 gifts

13. For provision from God, even when it comes packaged in a way that I would could have never imagined myself.

14. For a sweet girl who asks so many questions that even when I feel my head may explode, cause me to question the important things as well.

15. For my dear friend Michelle and yummy painters mochas from Black Sheep Cafe. Accountability.

16. For our pastor, Steve Lonetti, and his faithfulness to the word and our congregation.

17. For the new class we are a part of and how it causes us to question and reevaluate and ultimately gets us back into the word as we strive to honor God in our marriage and glorify him through what should be a picture of Christ and the church.

18. For fat falling snowflakes that cause me to think of how he washes us white as snow. Undeserved.

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