Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last time

I changed our blog name. For the last time. Promise. First we were the Beyer family. Well, we still are the Beyer family, but really I was the only one writing and it wasn't perfect. Then I found a passion for teaching the kids and discovered some lovely blogs along the way. One described what we did every day as Tot school and I wanted to focus on the kids and our daily life. So "Me and My Tator Tots" is what we became.

It still wasn't right. I've pulled back a bit on the uploading of every.single.school picture we take. While I will still document projects, ideas, and fun we have, it wasn't my passion and my heart cry. It wasn't the root of what we do every single day.

I want to live life Praising God, glorifying Him daily, and giving thanks no matter what. In the midst of a foul diaper change. While finding crayons on the wall. When scrubbing behind a toilet that no one will ever notice got cleaned. When battling the laundry monster and never winning. While wiping a nose. As I notice dog urine on my freshly mopped floor. As I get down and look a defiant toddler in the face and run out of the right words. I want to glorify Him. I want me to shrink back and my kids to only see God. I want to point them to Him and only Him. I can't save them. I can only be an instrument in His symphony.

So, as I read my bible this afternoon it came to me. One of my favorite verses, John 3:30 "He must become greater; I must become less.”

Lord, if anyone were to ever take comfort or advice or encouragement in this journal, I pray that you would be that comforter, that you would be where people turn when looking for answers.Thank you for your grace. Help me to live a life that is more of you and less of me.

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  1. Very nice =) Sounds like a great name and very fitting!