Monday, March 14, 2011

1,000 gifts

19. For my sweet husband who took care of me all weekend when I was so miserable and sick. Breakfast in bed, entertaining littles, sending me to sleep and read, cleaning. I am so blessed.

20. For a daughter whose favorite game is "I love you more than __________" and cracks me up with what she comes up with and melts my heart. ( I love you more than 15 glasses of lemonade!! I love you more than 20 ipods!! I love you more than butterflies!! I love you more than inside playplaces Mama!! Sometimes under her breath she will say "Thats a lotta love!)

21. For sickness to remind me that I need work on my patience with the kids and my husband.

22. For above 50 degrees being in the forecast, dare I say SPRING is coming?!

23. For kids who desire to dress themselves. Ahem. So what if the clothes are on inside out and backwards. And that plaids are with polka dots. And that one superhero boot is on with normal clothes. Gotta keep things interesting! :-)

24. For kindles so I can wish to read a book and within 1 minute be reading wise words from wise women (Loving the little years, Moms- read it!!)

25. For a co-worker who kindly took my shift tonight since I am still not well.

26. For playdates in the immediate future and laughter amoung kiddos and Mama friends alike.

27. For his word and an increased desire to read it. Its amazing that once you that you really lose the problem of not wanting to do it, or not finding time.

28. For my sweet Man who just learned his first song. Caught him singing "Jesus loves me" yesterday. Got teary. Yes sir, he sure does.

holy experience


  1. What a wonderful post! I hope you are feeling better very soon :)

  2. For the "I love you more" game (which is the cutest thing ever, btw), you could say, "I love you more than my laminator!" LOL! Love you, friend. Hope you feel better soon. I'm praying for you right now! :-)