Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yes I deactivated my facebook a week and a half ago. Yes, I have been meaning to type something up as to why. For now, I'll just say that Im a workin' on time management, self control, and priorities. Spending time with people in real life, investing myself into my kids, husband, home, and others, devotion times longer than 15 minutes, slaying the laundry monster ect. Will I come back? Maybe, someday. But, its kinda nice. Find me here, at my phone number, and email khill8@gmail.com if you need me. Will try to add more photos here too as requested. Love to yall!


  1. priorities! :) I'm happy for you!

  2. Good for you sister! Seriously, I'm there too- (not that I have a facebook page) but I understand the dilemma of the computer! Praying for self-control and all of the above with you! However, devotional time has been so great lately which is encouraging despite my computer over-use. Have a great week!