Monday, March 28, 2011

1,000 Gifts

29. For friends who borrow books, thanks Becky for "Calm my Anxious Heart"

30. For unemployment coming through. His provision never fails.

31. For our Gather Around the Table group from Church and a great time of fellowship last night.

32. For playlands

33. For time with Daddy who "can't go to work anymore. Why won't they let you come to work Daddy?" We are making the most of his time off.

34. For my parents and unexpected gifts in groceries. Generosity and hospitality gifts abounding.

35. For sweet Gabby and Gods hand in her birth. Praying for her to start eating on her own. Praising God for her life.

36. For my in-laws loving on our kids while we were away last night. We love you Grandpa "Keef" and Grandma Pat.

37. For fresh fruit season approaching.

38. For my childrens health. Blessed.


  1. beautiful. :) I'm so glad the Lord is near in this season of surprising layoffs. He is GOOD. And I will echo a big AMEN to fresh fruit season approaching...I'm done with winter produce offerings. lol.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying the book! I'm trying to find the directions to the steam vac, but either way we'll bring it on Friday night. Praise the Lord for His provision! I'm so glad you guys are enjoying the time home with Kevin. And I'm sooo with you on the fresh fruit!!