Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Wants

I am sitting on in the recliner sick as a dog and trying to do as much as I can from this spot. I am reading tons of blogs about tots and preschoolers and doing school for them. So many FABULOUS ideas. Very inspiring. (last week when reading some I was feeling let down, like, I could never do that! I could never be that organized!) this week I put on my optimistic thinking cap and am taking it all as inspiration. I am wanting to ramp up our school room and thinking of activities to have ready ahead of time.

So for my own purposes here is a list of things I want to pick up:
A sensory table
Bean bags
Dot Painters
IKEAS fun shaped ice cube trays
Some of the bins that stack with little drawers to have drawer activities for both kids
the magnetic puzzle for Liam from Target- Doug and Melissa
White Board
Push Pins
Contact Paper
Cotton balls
The Book shelves like they have in classrooms
A few more little wooden chairs- found some on craigslist
Black and White ink cartridge

Husband just came home with::
Clothes pins
A Clearance Easel with white and chalkboard
Mini Muffin tins
Coffee Filters
Color cartridge
Sister in law picked up some BOGO Foam paper to share! <3 Thanks Stephie!

I picked up::
Beans- large for counters
Beans- lentil for crafts


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  2. We should go check out Lakeshore Learning in Maplewood for ideas. I think we need to plan an afternoon together! Brainstorm ideas, etc.

  3. Steph, I was just looking at the Lakeshore Learning site. I would love to go together!! And brainstorm ideas!