Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brown Bear Fun

My kids ADORE Brown Bear. Thats an understatement actually. Its one of our most worn in books and both kids can recite it. Sophia has it memorized and Liam knows a lot of it. It has a lot of our sight word for the week which is "See" So we read it and did the corresponding tot book found here.

Sophia worked on sorting by size. Matching heads and tails. Counting. ABC's. Colors. She really enjoyed it! And it helped enforce our sight word of the week.


  1. Kelsey, Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment!! I'm glad that you found some things you were able to use.
    My kids and I did brown bear earlier this year as well and really enjoyed it as well!!

  2. Amber,thanks for stopping by and commenting over here too. :-) I took some of your advice on your organization post and spent a lot of time organizing last night and creating schedules last night after the kiddos went to bed, so thanks!

  3. Wow you have a lot of great ideas, just spent some time checking out your blog! I loved the video of your little one saying her verse, I need to get out our video camera more! Thanks for commenting on my blog!