Thursday, January 6, 2011


Do you use your childrens real names on your blog? I had until my Tot school post a few days ago. It seemed so odd to use fake names. I'm back to their real names already. So, if you don't reveal their identity, why? Should I not?


  1. Seriously you are SO ambitious! I need what you have!!! :) I am totally impressed with all the intensional projects you're doing with the kiddos! Maybe once we get settled at our new place I'll catch the fire you have! Um...with names. I've considered it too however I think it's mostly for really famous blogs that do that and they often keep the mommy's name fully or partially secret as well. I guess, since I don't expect to become really famous from my blog (or even if I did-haha) I don't think it matters too much. Plus we both have our names in our blog web address, so we're obviously not too concerned with secrecy. Just a thought. YES! Let's get together for a play date in the next few weeks (at your house maybe) then in Feb. we should plan to have you over with the guys and kids at our place once we get settled a bit more.

  2. I wouldn't be too worried. You can always make your blog private and filter people by giving out the password. then you'll know exactly who's reading your blog. I know some people have gotten creeped out by some comments that people leave that they don't know so you can always see how it goes :)