Thursday, January 20, 2011


We started the L unit on Tuesday. I am figuring out that it takes Sophia about a week and a half or so to finish a unit. I'd rather spread it out and have her still enjoy it than force her to sit when she "needs a break Mom!!"

We made these cute ladybug snacks that I saw on here

I brought out Lions that I got here and let the kids sponge paint on a plate to make fun 'L' masks. Sophia loved wearing hers and walking around roaring. Little teething Liam wanted nothing to do with wearing it and I felt so badly because I was trying to put it on him and he slammed his face on the ground and got a bloody lip. Mommy fail. :-( He did like painting it.

Heres a little video of her saying her verse and painting.

Raising Rock Stars

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  1. How fun! I'm so impressed. Don't feel too bad about the bloody lip, remember when I cut off too much of Johnny's nail? At least they won't remember it!