Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter sensory bin

I started our first ever sensory bin this week! We didnt have any clear bins that weren't already being used so I used a wooden box that the kids got for Christmas that had math blocks in it. We moved the blocks to very large clear bin since there were two sets and these were sitting around just waiting!
Wasn't sure exactly what I would muster up to put in but the few things I did have to put in were a hit!
I found a few boxes of window plastic for winter time that never really were functional so I used that for a base and also threw in:: White and blue pom poms, a snowman globe, some glittery pipe cleaners(which you can see make fabulous mustaches :-)) , blue and white feathers, and a snowman figurine. Ill most likely add some snowflakes of some sort at some point here but for now the concept was new and fresh and the kids had a good 15 minutes of exploration. :-)

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